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Provider of a standard IOT platform for data visualization and alerting. Any data source, machine control units and systems in order to digitally monitor any business activity.

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Our team of sofware engineers, designers and developers creates modern software technology to support and improve various business processes.

With everything we do, we want to eliminate inefficiencies. Our web service is easy to use, can be customized individually and is ready to use at the moment of subscription. Without programming, investment or dependencies – neither technical nor commercial. Simply plug & play.

We simply make great sofware

Products & Services

Monitoring: With our open standard IOT web-platform DAPONA, you can setup your own digital views to your assets. No matter whether machine, plant, sensor or webservices and from which perspective the assets are viewed: your dashboards will be designed, changed, expanded by yourself. Easily via drag&drop, just on demand. Anytime and anywhere. Without programming.

Alerting: Don’t miss anything anymore, act in time: DAPONA automatically creates tasks and alerts, can activate warning lights, etc. 24/7 h a day. Based on your own rules.

With DAPONA, for example, plants in the field can be monitored remote, alarms can be triggered in the event of deviations, maintenance tasks can be generated, etc.. No matter for which plant, system and usecase.

In addition, DAPONA reduces damage risks, such as equipment failure, water loss, fire damage or network overload through 24/7 h monitoring and early reporting of deviations, even before damage has occurred.

No software-development is required. No speific Hardware. No App. Simply via your webbrowser. On your local PC, your smartphone or large monitors.

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DESMA shoe machines:

Jetter automaition:

Target group

Industriel companies, SME`s, Cities, authorities, administrations, governments, social organizations: simply anyone, who wants to understand whitout having to invest, what is happening with their infrastructure, what customers are doing with their products, and who wants to be notified, when action is needed.

Competitive advantages

Self configurable usecases, such as monitoring, alerting, damageavoidance.
Machines, sensors, any places.
Easy to use
Free of any hardware or software dependencies
No Software development or designer required

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Efficiency Systems


Zum Zander 8

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Thilo Heffner

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