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Framence is putting an end to tedious business trips saving you time and money. Framence makes digital twins quick and easy!

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Framence was founded in 2019 with the vision that digital twins of built assets should be easy to use and create. As part of a group of companies with just shy of 100 staff active in the AEC industry for more than 40 years, we as a second-generation family business can change the way that built assets are documented. Our workforce is made up of highly skilled employees with different technical backgrounds and education, ranging from software developers to engineers. The “Spirit of Technical Innovation” guides our company and therefore, we meet the demands on the latest technologies in our in-house FUTURE.LAB by researching disruptive technologies such as AR, IoT, AI and machine learning. In our lab we continuously advance digitization by using our prior expertise and the innovative FRAMENCE technology.

Products & Services

We offer photorealistic digital twins for the operation of buildings, plants and technical installations. For this, we have developed a revolutionary method. Using simple photos only, our AI-powered software automatically generates three-dimensional photorealistic digital twins. These twins can be accessed using any web browser allowing you to be on-site in seconds. We also have partners all over the world and are able to offer our services to you no matter where your facility is located. Additionally, with our service concept “Digital Twins as a Service” you decide what we take care of for you: we can take the pictures necessary for creating your photorealistic digital twin, upload them to the software and also take new pictures if your facility has changed in any way. Or we can do just one of those things – it’s up to you.

References and export activities

Our solutions are used by medium to large sized corporations based in Germany and elsewhere in the world. We are serving a wide range of industry sectors including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, manufacturing, infrastructure as well as construction. Since 2019 we’ve formed a partner network in countries across the globe, like Hungary, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Ghana.

Target group

Our target clients are owners/operators of buildings, factories or complex technical infrastructure wanting to optimize their asset management.

Competitive advantages

Our breaking edge technology turns normal photos taken with off-the-shelf cameras by non-specialists into cm-precises photorealistic digital twins. No need for expensive hardware, tedious 3D modeling or huge point clouds. Framence makes digital twins quick and easy.

Ideal Business Partners

Our ideal business partner should be one of the following: industrial or engineering service provider, surveyor, engineering office, provider of industry 4.0 solutions, consulting company with focus on industrial applications and end-to-end approach. The partner should already have a business model for which the FRAMENCE solutions offer direct added value or enable an extension/addition to the existing business model.

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Framence GmbH


Berliner Ring 103

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Adrian P. Merkel


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+49 (0)6251 584-0


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GAB Singapur 2023 Industrie 4.0 und Robotik

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GAB USA 2022 Industrie 4.0
GAB Kanada 2023 Robotik
GAB Singapur 2023 Industrie 4.0 und Robotik



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