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Provider of a product temperature management system for freeze-drying, which enables safe up scaling and frictionless transfer

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Tempris GmbH aims to revolutionize the pharmaceutical manufacturing process in Lyophilization with its innovative temperature measurement system. The small sensors do not require a battery or any other energy source inside them, allowing the robot to automatically insert them into vials for the intended measuring position. The measurement date is displayed for the user in a digital twin using
3D visualization software, contributing to better process understanding and optimization. With its comprehensive process expertise, the technology pioneer Tempris has initiated the development of a closed loop. For the first time, it has been demonstrated that the end point of primary drying, can be predicted using a mathematical method based on live statistics.

Products & Services

• Measurement technology consisting of the TIRU3 radio interrogation system (models such as T.LAB and T.PRO)
• TLxx sensor models (without battery or cable)
• Software for measurement data visualization and storage on computer or via G a t e way interface to SCADA / PLC.
• GMP compliant documentation (Commissioning, IQ, OQ), incl. GAMP 5 or 21CFR Part 11 compliant software

• Application consulting, engineering for system adaptations to customer specific freeze drying systems (with end user and/or equipment supplier) and sensor handling for process integration
• Installation service, training, calibration of sensors and measuring devices

References and export activities

“Recently, we conducted large scale trials for one of our vaccine candidates using Tempris to ensure the robustness of our process on a large scale. We were able to demonstrate that the product temperature profiles for both the edge and centre vials were within the design space, w hich was confirmed by robustness study in the lab.” Pfizer, Inc – Pharmaceutical R&D

Target group

End users Pharma and Biotech Companies worldwide
Freeze Drying Manufacturers
Distributers and Agents

Competitive advantages

Wireless and battery free sensors mainly for lyophilization (worldwide pioneer ); with this technology the end user can speed up the approval process for medications (FDA)

Ideal Business Partners

Tempris is looking for an agent who can support to generate business in Australia and Japan. Our partner must be familiar with the specifics/processes in lyophilization and has access to end users

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Tempris GmbH


Industriestr. 25 // Geb. 2

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Anton Mangold



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+49 8024 47447-0



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GAB Australien 2024 Gesundheitswirtschaft, GAB Japan 2024 Gesundheitswirtschaft

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