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STUV offers high security locks for prisons, police, military and critical infrastructure as well as latches/hinges for cold rooms.

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Steinbach & Vollmann (STUV) was founded in 1883 and is one of the world’s most traditional manufacturers of locks, hinges and latches. The production site is located in Heiligenhaus, near Düsseldorf (Germany). The STUV Group employs approx. 200 people. Our core competences are the development and own production of mechanical and electronic locks, latches and hinges with high quality and security requirements.

Products & Services

Security locks for prison doors, ammunition depots and transformer stations. Special locks for aircraft, ships and railways. Latches, locks, quarter turns, cam locks, seals and hinges for machines, aircraft, ships and railways. Latches and hinges for cold storage rooms. Closures for steam ovens. Special developments of hinges, latches and locks.

References and export activities

STUV has its own sales offices in Spain, Singapore and China and distributors in over 50 countries worldwide.

Target group

Manufacturer of security doors and security gates for prisons, military, infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, telecom), cold rooms and professional steam ovens. Our customers are also Prison/Correctional services and the Police authorities.

Competitive advantages

STUV locks are considered to be the most secure locks of the world, whether mechanical or electronic. Our particular strengths are customised special solutions in the area of locks, latches or hinges for high-security areas and cold storage rooms.

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Manufacturer of security doors and security gates for prisons, military, infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, telecom) and cold storage and hot equipment manufacturers. Prison administration, police authority.

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Steinbach & Vollmann GmbH (STUV)


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José Ramilo



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+49 205614-225


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GAB Argentinien 2023 Zivile Sicherheit, GAB Mexiko 2024 Zivile Sicherheit

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