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KLARO GmbH is one of the European market leaders for sewage treatment plants according to the SBR technology.

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KLARO GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Bayreuth and a specialist in small sewage treatment plants and separation technology. Wherever a connection to the sewer system is not possible or a separator is required, KLARO comes into play. For a single-family house, lodge, restaurant, petrol station or community – KLARO has the perfect solution for every application. We have been supplying wastewater solutions since 2001 and have specialized in the manufacture and development of the most flexible wastewater treatment systems possible. During the development process, we put our main focus on Efficiency – Durability – Sustainability! Already today, more than 950,000 people trust in KLARO technology. With around 35 employees from a wide variety of fields, we always create an optimal and sustainable solution for your requirements. KLARO sewage treatment plants are now installed in over 80 countries worldwide.

Products & Services

Small sewage treatment plants up to 50 PE / 7,5 m³/day
Sewage treatment plants up to 5000 PE / 750 m³ / day
Mobile / containerised sewage treatment plants
Grease & light fluid separators

References and export activities

Presence in more than 80 countries worldwide.
More than 950.000 users and over 120.000 systems installed.
Consultation, delivery, and installation are provided by qualified local partners.

Target group

Residential applications / domestic wastewater (e.g. single-family houses, apartment blocks, small villages/communities)
Commercial applications / wastewater (e.g. hotels/lodges, restaurants, office buildings, schools, etc.)
Industrial applications / wastewater (micro breweries, micro wineries, micro dairies)

Competitive advantages

KLARO’s sewage treatment plants operate according to the fully biological SBR process. Our flexible SBR sewage treatment plants with the airlift technology are suitable for almost any installation situation. The systems work according to the proven principle: no mechanical parts in the wastewater, no pumps in the wastewater, no electrical parts in the wastewater.

Ideal Business Partners

Companies working in the waste water treatment sector that would like to promote, sell, install and service KLARO systems.
Manufacturers of tanks that would like to include the KLARO technology inside their tanks to provide a packaged solution to the local market.

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GAB Costa Rica, Panama 2024 Wasser- und Abwasserwirtschaft

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GAB Costa Rica, Panama 2024 Wasser- und Abwasserwirtschaft



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