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WANGEN PUMPEN is a mechanical engineering company and supplier of high quality positive displacement pumps for industrial applications. We work with passion. With team spirit and, like our pumps, reliable and accurate. WANGEN pumps are perfectly engineered for the most demanding applications. We are not visible, but always present. We make sure it works. Every day. All over.

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The extensive product range of WANGEN pumps includes progressive cavity pumps and twin screw pumps for sectors as diverse as pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food and beverage production, environmental and waste water, biogas and anaerobic digestion, agricultural engineering, the chemicals and paper industries or shipbuilding.

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WANGEN pumps enjoy the highest reputation regionally, nationally and internationally and are in use on all continents. More than 50.000 WANGEN pumps are operating worldwide in biogas plants, wastewater treatment plants as well in food&beverage factories and various other industrial applications.

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Operators, Designers, Contractors

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rugged long life pumps for high solids and viscous media

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technology distributors, engineers, contractors

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Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH


Simoniusstrasse 17

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GAB Costa Rica, Panama 2024 Wasser- und Abwasserwirtschaft

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GAB Costa Rica-Panama 2024 Wasser- und Abwasserwirtschaft