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Company for economic solutions from the fields of environmental protection, active contribution to climate and resource protection.

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The goal of the company, 3R Systems (Recycling-Reduce-Reuse), is to actively contribute to climate and resource protection with economic solutions from the fields of climate and environmental protection. In order to achieve our goal, all the necessary specialist areas, including process engineering, construction engineering, fire protection, architecture and electrical engineering, are combined in 3R Systems GmbH. Our entire planning and systems delivery thus comes from a single source. We take into account the best available technology to close material and energy cycles, reduce CO2 emissions, remove CO2 from the atmosphere (decarbonisation) and at the same time lead your project to economic success.

Products & Services

Our fields of work include the planning and production of plant technology and the handling of a wide variety of tasks in the areas of
– Energy industry – Renewable energies
– Waste recycling management
– Carbonisation of residual and waste materials
– consulting services
– Project development and Project management

References and export activities

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Target group

1 for Biochar/carbon production and application (e.g. soil improvement):
– large agricultural enterprises,
– forestry enterprises,
– wood-processing industry,
– municipal enterprises.
2 for energy production and waste utilisation:
– municipal enterprises and
– municipal utilities
– other energy producers
3 cooperation partners for the establishment of a representative office
4 Investors for investments in Germany/EU

Competitive advantages

1. 40 years of experience of our engineers in the design and manufacture of thermal plants
2. Robust and proven plant technology
3. High economic efficiency of the plant technology
4. Plant manufacture in the target country

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3R Systems GmbH


Hildesheimer Str. 265

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Waldemar Klapp



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GAB USA 2023 Circular Economy