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I can rent a cinema? Private bookings and more made easy by our user-centric platform, e.g. private screenings, gaming or business events.

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Cineamo is a software company with strong focus on cinema and event industry. We provide state-of-the-art software solutions to connect all market participants focussing on cinema-goers. Among others Cineamo aims to collect and share information, improve film marketing and distribution, shorten time-to-cinema of movie content (e.g. back program), rent cinema halls for private events. Founded in 2019 by three visionaries, Cineamo now comprises a team of eight employees with a wide variety of skills ranging from software development to UI/UX design and marketing expertise. With the support of strong partners (e.g. Studiocanal, , HDF Kino e.V.) and growing customers, Cineamo is increasingly becoming an important part of the German-speaking cinema industry. Our multilingual approach helps integrating other countries easily for international expansion.

Products & Services

Cineamo is like Airbnb for the cinema industry. Cinema-goers, companies, clubs, schools or similar book individual events at the movies. This could be film, gaming or your very own idea. Therefore, producers and distributors easily offer their content to cinemas and cinema-goers via Cineamo. Book your cinema hall, check out and share your special event at the movies with family and friends. Access Cineamo wherever you want via smartphone app or web browser. Focussing cinemas Cineamo also provides state-of-the-art screening schedules, purchasing tickets and others. Film distributors benefit from our large movie database market analysis tools. The cinema industry lacks a platform bringing together all market participants and using state-of-the-art software for process automation and communication. Such software solutions are crucial for future success in modern economies as well as delivering extra income for the industry.

References and export activities

Cineamo partners with key partners in the german cinema industry, e.g. , Studiocanal, HDF Kino e.V. and more than 150 cinemas from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in our network.

Target group

The core target groups of Cineamo are cinemas and film distributors, especially those interested in making the cinema industry more digital, efficient and customer-oriented. In addition to these two core target groups, however, Cineamo also addresses cinema-goers, schools, clubs and companies, for example, which can organise private events, business events or educational school screenings via Cineamo.

Competitive advantages

What cineamo aparts from other software solutions on the market are modern and user-friendly app designs and superior performance. Cineamo is the first of its kind on the market to offer a unique and globally scalable concept shaped as all-in-one-solution to connect the different participants of the cinema market. We strive to make workflows easier, more cost efficient and gain additional profit to to the industry.

Ideal Business Partners

Cineamo’s ideal business partners are interested in developing cinema industry to be digital, efficient and customer-centric using state-of-the-art solutions. We appreciate to meet as many different partners from cinema industry as possible, e.g. cinema-owners, film distributors and film associations.

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Cineamo GmbH


Ulmenstr. 31a

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Stefan Farnschlaeder




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GAB Spanien 2023 Kreativwirtschaft



Professional application for communication, networking and meeting business partners from the film industry (cinema owners, film distributors, film associations)