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soffico offers individual, future-proof and innovative software solutions to bridge the gap between IT and OT

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As a provider of standard software, soffico GmbH develops efficient solutions to optimize business, process and communication workflows for its international customers. Sophisticated technical know-how as well as comprehensive industry knowledge distinguish the company. Thanks to visionary thinking and modular concepts, future-proof, efficient, and sustainable software solutions become reality. The aim of soffico is to ensure interoperability between a wide variety of systems for smooth and fast, but above all secure, electronic data exchange. Particularly easy handling and the high quality of our products and our comprehensive service are the reasons for our success.

Products & Services

Omnidirectional networking, adaptive modularity of the systems and unlimited scalability are prerequisites for Industry 4.0. The Orchestra Manufacturing Service Bus acts as a central standardized integration layer between the shopfloor and the company IT, through which all workflows and methods for the transformation and communication of data are provided and executed. For that, Orchestra offers a large number of native connectors and adapters for the integration of heterogeneous system and device landscapes, where various manufacturers and technologies are to be connected. Besides others, these include Simatic S7, OPC-UA and MQTT alongside adapters for database and file integration. soffico supports its client in every step towards digital transformation. From solution design over roll-outs to extensive trainings to pave the way for real-time data analytics, preventive diagnostics and maintenance, as well as new service models.

References and export activities

soffico works with both German and international clients providing enterprise-wide orchestration of data in manufacturing companies with Orchestra. By choosing soffico, companies benefit from both a strong and experienced partner for the implementation of their digital and sustainable production as well as from the cross-industry exchange with an excellent partner network.

Target group

soffico aims at enabling manufacturing companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers with the right toolset to offer their hardware as well as software solutions to industrial customers in the context of industry 4.0. Through Orchestra, soffico provides manufacturing companies with software to offer solutions for IT/OT Convergence in a more integrated, productive way with Plug & Produce, as well as individual solutions.

Competitive advantages

• Horizontal and vertical integration of internal and external applications and machines along the complete value chain
• No programming experience needed for integration scenarios
• Investment protection through retrofit of brownfield machines to standardized open protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT and many more.
• Decentralized (pre-)processing of data that increases efficiency and performance of the data orchestration

Ideal Business Partners

Manufacturing companies as well as OEMs that offer hardware and software solutions for remote maintenance, control, and monitoring of machines, plants and other devices, building the bridge between IT and OT for Industry 4.0.

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soffico LLC


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Harald Wenger


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