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Manufacturer of anti-counterfeiting technologies for all industries.


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In support of product labelling and counterfeit protectionAs early as the 1970s, Rolf Simons was active in the field of brand protection. In 1984 he founded Simons Druck und Vertrieb GmbH.Specialising in security labels and closure seals, Rolf Simons and his team eventually developed the micro colour-code technology SECUTAG®.Since the change of name into 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH, the founder manages the company together with his son Dirk Simons. Intensive research and development lead to industry solutions for different areas. .With our steadily growing product portfolio, we actively contribute to the fight against brand and product piracy. 

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1984 Founding of Simons Druck und Vertrieb GmbH

1990 3S starts with the development of SECUTAG®

1999 World Star 1999 for the security section of the World Packaging Organisation

2000 Gold medal for Secutag® at the Salon International des inventions in Geneva 2004 Inauguration of the new production facilities in Nottuln

2008 Change of name to 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH

2009 Expansion of the product portfolio by our industry solutions SECUART®, SECUDATA®, SECUDOC®, SECUFASHION®, SECUPACK® and SECUPRODUCT®

2011 Certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001

2019 Patent application for access authorisation in IT -Networks

2020 Implementation of a modular system enabling to transfer of SECUTAG® in fully automatic production lines

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Any producer who wants to secure his products agains conterfeits.

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Direct product marking or counterfeit-proof packaging, legally binding identification of original textiles or artwork, counterfeit-proof documents or a combination of traceability and counterfeit protection – we have the suitable strategy for each application: the individual solutions from 3S based upon the well-established micro colour-codes SECUTAG®.

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3S Simons Security Systems GmbH


Lise-Meitner-Straße 6

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Rolf Simons

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0049 (0)2502 2333 0


English, Deutsch


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GAB Griechenland 2022 Zivile Sicherheitstechnologien, GAB Malaysia 2021 Zivile Sicherheit

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