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Leader in innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Data Management.

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Headquarter: Leipzig, Founded: 2017, Employees: >45

Our goal is to improve patient-centered care by capturing and analysing large volumes of medical data. There are many stakeholders that benefit from our ecosystem solution. For example, medical device and pharmaceutical providers can build on highly efficient and automated processes that enable them to comply with the regulatory requirements, while hospitals benefit from reducing time and cost for running clinical studies as well as from more objective information about both, product performance as well as quality of care. At the same time, insurances can improve their reimbursement decisions.

Products & Services

Our Products:

UNITY is a cloud-based platform (SaaS) consisting of different modules:

For MedTech and Pharma, CROs and study centers: A Clinical Trial Management system for efficient Management of Proposal and Post Market Studies (PMS/PMCF)
Für Physicians and Hospitals: An Electronic Data Capture system with automated questionniares for PROMs, PREMs, case report forms (CRFs)
A module for the collection, storage and AI-based analysis of medical images

The system facilitates not only the collection of medical data, such as PROMs, PREMs and CRFs, but also of image data (Xray, CT, MRI) – in one system. UNITY automates and streamlines several processes related to the planning and monitoring of clinical studies as well as to the collection and storage of medical data. Thereby, results are obtained much more efficiently and workloads as well as study related costs can significantly be reduced.


Our Platform:

For all players of the healthcare system: The AIQNET-Network: An open, FHIR-based platform as marketplace for apps and services. AIQNET builds the interface between data providers and data users, e.g. MedTech producers, research organizations, care providers, users/patients and insurances. The platform enables the storage, combination and usage of medical data for research, development, clinical trials and evidence-based medicine and compliant to EU und US privacy regulations.



References and export activities

UNITY was used in more than 170 international clinical studies (PMS, IDE, 510(k), registries, research) with more than 50 different medical device producers and more than 80 clinics.
We have participated in various research projects, e.g. in a publicly funded project of the German Research Organization (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft, DFG), and the clinic for Orthopedics of the Charité in Berlin.
Besides, we have provided an on-premise software solution for process automation in a large Swiss Hospital (Kantonsspital Winterthur) for fully automated capture of PROMs und PREMs and data transfer to the clinical registries.
The U.S. market is innovation leader in the fields of medical devices and clinical trials. By today, already 70% of our turnover is generated in the US, and we are aiming at establishing more and more partner and client relationships in this market.

Target group

Medical device producers, especially of implants
Hospitals, especially orthopedic
Clinical Research Organizations
Health insurances

Competitive advantages

Our core product UNITY is a best-in-class solution for medical image analysis, with specialization in orthopedics. With the goal to provide deeper insights into the performance of implants, we develop AI-based algorithms that enable an objective and highly precise analysis of radiographic parameters. We provide automated, accurate and independent analysis of medical images for a wide range of morphological and geometric parameters. Parallely, we capture the physicians and patients perspective on the quality of care, using validated questionnaires (CRFs, PROMs, PREMs).

The combination of image data and outcome data leads to an objective, reliable and highly precise evaluation of factors that influence the quality of care and the performance of applied medical devices. The applied algorithms reach an up to 15 times higher result accuracy in comparison to manual measurement of radiologic parameters. Thereby, UNITY enables MedTech providers to prove the security and performance of their devices. With the high degree of automation, medical professionals save time and costs in capturing data, while study data and statistics are provided in real-time.



Ideal Business Partners

– Cooperations for joint sales activities in the European and U.S. market (e.g. clinical software and infrastructure providers, PROM-software providers)

– Hospital information system providers, patient data software providers

– Insurances

– Registries


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Raylytic GmbH


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