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Provider of unique analytical solutions for training learning, balance and coordination through biological and neurological feedback.

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Founded in 1996, MediTECH Electronic GmbH is a unique small medium enterprise based in the North of Germany. Just 20 km north of Lower-Saxony’s capital Hannover, MediTECH is easily visited by plane, ICE train or car. Being a family owned business, the company takes pride in its active and dedicated staff who in part have built the company from the beginning. Managing Director Ralph Warnke and his team have one primary goal: “We help people.”Please find out more ABOUT US HERE.

Products & Services

MediTECH provides unique test and training solutions in the following areas:

Learning enhancement: Central auditory processing, brain training solutions
Audiofitness – solutions for better hearing and understanding
ADD/ADHD: (HEG) neurofeedback for better focus and concentration
Biofeedback / Neurofeedback applications for stress management, pain treatment, peak performance training and more
Balance / Coordination: Analysis and training for people with vertigo / postural issues

Please find an overview of our product lines here:

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References and export activities

Please find an overview of our research and publications her:

Target group

Key target groups are

Therapists (speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists)
Medical doctors / Neurologists / Psychologists / ENT doctors / General practitioners
Clinics / Rehab centers
Acusticians / Hearing aid dispensers
Universities / Researchers
Top level athletes / Sport Psychologists / Sport scientists
End users (with key home training / self training solutions)

Competitive advantages

Unique niche market solutions
Products with solid research background
25+ years of experience
Compatible product lines
Products that allow for cross selling
Easily integrated in existing product lines
Profound training support
Bluescreen studio technology for continuous partner and customer training

Ideal Business Partners

SME with ties to

schools / educational market OR
ENT / hearing aid market OR
Neurology / Psychology practices OR
Sports / University / Research market

A compatible mission statement (“We help people.”)
A sound balance of technical understanding
Preferably a background in medical devices

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MediTECH Electronic GmbH


Langer Acker 7

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Ralph Warnke



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English, Deutsch


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