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Technology leader for adaptive, intelligent 3D straightening of structural components made of aluminium castings or profiles.

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Laubinger + Rickmann (L+R) is a medium-sized family business with about 100 employees and headquarters in northwestern Germany. In May 2022, L+R will celebrate its 50th birthday.

In the fields of non-destructive testing and straightening machines for aluminum structural components, Laubinger + Rickmann, with over 300 special machines manufactured, is known worldwide for intelligent solutions and the highest quality.

In order to meet the high demands of international customers also in terms of service, L+R 2021 expanded strongly in the USA, among other countries, with its subsidiary LR Q-Systems Inc. The opening of a further service location in Asia is planned for this year.

L+R is supporting the strong growth of its customers in lightweight construction and the demanding requirements placed on aluminum parts by the emerging e-mobility sector with a capacity expansion of over 15% in 2021.

Products & Services

The international focus of the special purpose machine development is on fully automated 3D straightening systems for aluminum components in the automotive industry.

More than 130 straightening machines with forces up to 130 tons are currently in operation worldwide for the following component types:

Structural components, e.g.
Suspension strut mounts / shock towers
Longitudinal members / Side members
Cross members
Battery carriers
Battery trays
Battery frames
Chassis components
Extruded profiles

Different straightening techniques are combined depending on the part specification or part distortion type:

RPS point straightening
Global straightening
Local straightening
Roller straightening
Adaptive press straightening

In each case, each system is designed individually and optimally for the part in question.

References and export activities

Laubinger + Rickmann’s machines are on site with our customers worldwide. In 2020, the export share was about 70%.

Thereby, the straightening machines are in use from Asia to America for the plants of all German OEMs, but also especially at TIER 1 and TIER 2 suppliers and thus part of the process up to the latest BEV startups. In fact, everywhere where parts are getting bigger and more complex, wall thicknesses thinner and tolerances tighter.

The professional knowledge of L+R’s experts is already actively utilized in the development of new parts or casting processes.

Target group

OEMs who cast themselves and expand the use of aluminum for structural components, or want to increase the degree of automation in existing straightening processes.

OEMs who are interested in the possibilities and limitations of the straightening process.
Aluminum foundries for

Structural components in die casting
Battery trays (die casting and permanent mold casting)
Chassis components (die casting and permanent mold casting)

Manufacturers of extruded aluminum profiles
Service provider for heat treatment and/or machining of aluminum parts

Competitive advantages

In the words of our customers: L+R’s self-learning straightening software is unique on he market. It continuously adapts to different deformations and material properties, optimizes the cycle time and minimizes the load on the part and machine.

The competetive advantages base on 6 core elements:

(part) segmentation
precision (measuring RPS determination)
sequence control
continuous, intelligent adaptation

Ideal Business Partners

Potential partners could be:

Integrators of production lines for automotive production
Consulting companies for casting and extrusion / lightweight technologies
Sales organisations with an understanding of cultural differences, aluminum production technology and sales of special purpose machines (no catalogue equipment)

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Laubinger + Rickmann GmbH & Co. KG


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