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Nomosan is specialized in the development of nutraceuticals with certified quality.

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The company NOMOSAN is on the market since December 2001. We concentrate on the orthomolecular medicine. The idea of the orthomolecular medicine was described for the first time by the double Nobel prize laureate Linus Pauling. Due to the pioneers Szente-Györgi and Linus Pauling, the scientific interest in the role of trace elements, secondary plant compounds and vitamins raised. We are working on the highest property of the human – it’s health. A high degree of precision in the production and composition of micronutrients together with an integration of current scientific and medical studies as well as permanent controls and certifications of the products are required to reach optimal galenic and bioavailability of nutrient combination.

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Nomosan® researches, develops and produces high-grade products for a better quality of life. Our company focusses on exceedingly good compatible dietary supplements, which are directed to the age-based needs of the patients. Since 2001, pharmacists and patients trust in products of Nomosan®. Long-time experience and scientific proved effectivity of the products guarantee their high quality.

Target group

The target group are patients with specific indications who need sensible support with nutritional supplements. Our products have been developed based on scientific studies. They are recommended by doctors and ophthalmologists throughout Germany

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Nomosan products are developed based on scientific studies for patients with specific indications. The products are produced in Germany according to GMP guidelines for medicinal products. Natural substances are used.

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We are looking for business relationships in pharmacy / drugstores or companies that sell nutritional supplements, like walmart stores.

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NOMOSAN Nutraceuticals


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S. N. Moschref


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