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Gneuss is a supplier of innovative solutions for the plastic processing and recycling industry.

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With more than 40 years of experience and over 100 international patents, the family-owned and operated company Gneuss has made a name for itself as a supplier of innovative solutions for the plastics processing industry. In addition to unique technologies, systems and components for plastics processing and recycling, Gneuss also offers complete turnkey solutions for the production of high quality sheet, fibers and pellets. Since its foundation in 1983, Gneuss has grown to become a worldwide technology leader for the extrusion of polymers and the reprocessing of all kinds of polymers.

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The patented MRS extrusion technology offers new possibilities regarding the efficient devolatilization of PET, PS, nylon or polyolefins. In combination with Gneuss’ process of constant and fully automatic screen changers and high-quality pressure and temperature sensors, efficient processing of highly contaminated materials becomes possible. The fully automatic Rotary Filtration Systems and screen changers operate continuously and provide constant pressure with or without back-flushing. The new series of turnkey OMNI recycling machines is customizable for handling demanding applications and achieving the highest quality requirements.

References and export activities

Gneuss delivered over 4000 filtration and degassing extruder all over the world.

Target group

Polymer processing and recycling companies – Circular plastic economy

Competitive advantages

Unmatched efficiency in energy cost and polymer yield. 40 years of experience in polymer processing, especially in the area of filtration of polymer melts. The highly efficient MRS-degassing extruder, which meets the criteria of FDA, EFSA and several regional approvals.

Ideal Business Partners

Polymer processing companys that give plastic packing a second live. Polymer processer and compounders. Film, sheet and Fiber manifacturers.

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Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH


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