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Hilbig GmbH, a stud welding specialist, is developing and producing high speed fastening systems for shipbuilding and offshore industry

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Hilbig GmbH was founded in 1985. The Hilbig GmbH is developing and producing high speed fastening systems for shipbuilding applications. The systems will be installed by stud-welding technology or gluing technology. Hilbig Systems safe time and improve the quality for shipbuilding constructions. As a stud welding specialist, Hilbig GmbH has a lot of experiences in stud welding of different materials and also has a large competence in welding aluminium studs up to M12 threaded studs. Because of worldwide customers, Hilbig GmbH has a lot of experience in doing business abroad.
Employees: 25
Turnover: Euro 5 Mio.

Products & Services

– stud welding technologies optimized for ship construction and outfitting.
– plate fairing systems for ship construction
– insulation fixing by insulation pins and clips
– ceiling, wall and floor supports, easy mounting, with vibration dampers or without, high level for navy ships or super yachts too
– electric cables, equipment and fondations to be fixed by stud welding
– special applications in stud welding
– stud welding technologies for welding of mild steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials on request.
– most of the fasteners are available as gluing fasteners as wells

References and export activities

L├╝rssen Group Germany, Meyer Shipyard Germany, STX France , Fincantieri Italy ,
Keppel Fels Singapur, Damen Shipyard World Wide and a lot more in Europe, Asia , Australia, North, South America and Canada

Target group

Shipbuilding construction and offshore construction companies and their sub-suppliers.
Like: electric installation, interior installation and insulation companies.

Competitive advantages

Hilbig is producing and delivering the whole range of products for ship building and offshore construction in stud welding technology and high speed fastening systems

Ideal Business Partners

Hilbig is looking for long term cooperation with a business partner or with the end customer depending on the products

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Hilbig GmbH



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