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Levicron is an innovative manufacturer of ultra-precision machining and turning spindles for CNC milling, grinding, and turning.

General information

Company profile

Dr. Ralf Dupont, the CEO of Levicron GmbH, founded the company in 2010 and yielded to his temptation of precision machining and high-speed spindle systems. Levicron is located in Kaiserslautern, Germany. With a worldwide product distribution and international representatives, we are the market-leading manufacturer and developer of industrial ultra-precision milling, grinding, & turning spindles, as well as ultra-precision tool holders.
According to our slogan, “Ultra-precision meets industrial grade” our core business is developing, producing, and distributing non-contact motion systems.
The calculation, simulation, optimization, and decades of experience in non-contact bearing systems distinguish us. In addition, tailor-made analytical and proven methods and simulation tools for structural analysis and fluid dynamics complement the profound practical experience in spindle development and production.

Products & Services

Together with a plant investment of several million euros, international customers, partners and representatives (especially in Asia and America), and service centers, Levicron is a leading global force in Ultra-Precision Spindle Solutions for CNC Machining. We offer the following product range:

– Ultra-Precision Aerostatic CNC Tool Spindles
– Ultra-Precision Work Holding Spindles
– Ultra-Precision Tool Holding (Clamping Systems and Tool Holders)
– Spindle and Dynamics Analyzer Systems
– Accessoires and Packages

References and export activities

90% of our export activities target OEM businesses. The end-user products cover electronic, optics, & optoelectronic components for domestic, industrial, & military sectors. The export business includes technical & on-site support. Until 2020 the ratio between exports to America & Asia had been 40:60. This changed to 30:70 in 2021.

* References under “Ideal Business Partners” at the end.

Target group

Main Target Group:
CNC Machine OEMs for optical, electronic, and optoelectronic components and molds.
Prominent manufacturers of consumer, industrial and military optics (cell phones, infrared, reflectors) who make bespoke machining solutions for their own.

Competitive advantages

Levicron is the only company offering ultra-precision spindle solutions for industrial CNC machining and significantly higher robustness than other solutions with non-contact bearing systems. At the same time, our spindle solutions significantly outperform machining spindles with roller bearings concerning shaft errors in motion (Error-Motion, ISO230-7), speed, dynamic stability, and thermal stability.

Ideal Business Partners

For the future: same as the target group.
* References:
America: AMETEK, Precitech (US); Moore Nanotech Systems (US); DBM Reflex (CA); CUDO Forms (US)
Asia: Yasda; Roku-Roku; Shibaura Machine; Makino; QuickJet Machine; FANUC; AAC; Largan; LeadingOptics
Europe: Chiron; Röders Tec; Kern Mikrotechnik; Primacon; LT-Ultra; Schneider Optikmaschinen; Innolite; Optotech

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Levicron GmbH


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