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Developer of an innovative, comfortable electric wheelchair control using head movements for people with significant mobility impairments.

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munevo developed and is selling munevo DRIVE, a powerwheelchair control based on smartglasses. It was founded beginning of 2018 with the goal to provide digital solutions to people with disabilities to live more freely and independently. Market-fit including regulatory compliance end of 2018, selling first units beginning 2019. Since then growing the sales regions to DACH, FR, NL, B, NO, DK, SE and now US. munevo DRIVE is constantly improved to contain further features and functionalities such as computer, smartphone or smart-home control … The team of currently 18 FTEs consists of engineers (software, mechanical and information systems), sales representatives distributed around Germany and people with a business and management background and all work together to empower others.
Munevo is growing, with an annual revenue of above 700,000€.

Products & Services

The main product is munevo DRIVE, a smartglasses based head control for people in power wheelchairs who can only move their heads due to injuries or diseases.
Next to munevo DRIVE, munevo offers a wide range of add-ons to allow computers, smartphones, smart-home systems, or assistive robotic arms to be controlled as well. These are mostly software updates to the smartglasses and can be upgraded to quickly.
For munevo, with the goal of helping people that often are overlooked in society, especially when digital products are developed, support and service for both the end users as well as the distributors play an important role on the journey to more independence and freedom.
Soon to come speech control to make navigating the application even easier.

References and export activities

Munevo Inc founded, together with the product already registered with the FDA.
set-up contacts to the major distributors in the country in recent years, munevo has been in the US twice in 2022 to present munevo DRIVE in clinics, to the ALS association and at the Abilities Expo (NY Metro area). Focus on east coast with good contacts in Philadelphia (Magee, Good Shepherd), Boston (Boston Home), New York (Mount Sinai).

Target group

End users with disabilities relying on power wheelchairs and with very limited or no hand function due to ALS, MS, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, ICP or spinal cord injuries.
Distributers for special controls for power wheelchairs.
Rehabilitation and VA Clinics (occupation or physiotherapists) that work with patients with above mentioned conditions.
Self-help groups and associations raising awareness and supporting patients.

Competitive advantages

Head worn control that can be calibrated by users themselves thus adapts to users’ movement capabilities should they change over time. In addition to that munevo DRIVE can be upgraded to provide more functionality thus more freedom quickly and easily.
We’re there for our customers and users, supporting both when needed.

Ideal Business Partners

A distributor with experience with special controls and power wheelchairs as well as with patients with the above-mentioned conditions. Have themselves a big network of clinics and partners (such as self-help groups and patient associations).

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munevo GmbH


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Konstantin Madaus


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+49 170 41 43 073


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