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BOTLabs is the inventor of the KILT Protocol, a decentralized public blockchain based protocol enabling self-sovereign identities.

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BOTLabs GmbH is the inventor and initial developer of the KILT Protocol and has been founded in 2018. KILT Protocol is industry agnostic and is used throughout various industries, like e.g., energy, government, accounting, media, etc. After the release of the KILT mainnet in 2021 BOTLabs is promoting and developing Self Sovereign Identity applications for people, organizations and IoT applications as open-source software.
BOTLabs is a founding member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) and a member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF).
The KILT Protocol is a decentralized, public, open-source blockchain protocol enabling decentralized and digital identities.

There are 11 permanent employees at BOTLabs and the entire team is 17 employees strong. The team is composed of 8 developers, 2 Business Development, 2 Communication, a technical writer, a Designer, a legal counsel, the Leadership, and a Team Assistance.

Products & Services

The KILT protocol enables devices, persons, and organizations to create a decentralized identifier (DID), describe properties or attributes, have these – as claimer- confirmed by trusted organizations or persons (attesters) by issuing reusable verifiable credentials, and then make them accessible to third parties. The credentials remain under the control of their owner, the claimer. Credentials link the specific attributes of an identity with its identifier. The identifier, the credentials and their validity are anchored on the blockchain. As the credential is only anchored on the blockchain, it does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the holder and the content. The concept of DIDs and Verifiable Credentials is standardized by the W3C. KILT is an open-source and public blockchain and can be used by anyone. The integration of KILT does not require any license fees or contracts.

References and export activities

Deloitte Integrates KILT, for offering reusable Know Your Business and Know Your Customer credentials, which remain under the control of the user
The German federal energy agency initiated the project Blockchain Machine Identity ledger. KILT served as a core partner by enabling machine identities and demonstrating the utility of a blockchain protocol

Target group

Businesses that are in the need- or want to move to decentralized and digital identities regardless of their industry. These identities can be applied to humans, organizations or devices and machines. These can be companies that e.g.
• provide or are in the need of an access system.
• want to digitize certain industry processes and are in the need of device identities
• want to build a business around issuing credentials to id

Competitive advantages

We offer a public, open-source blockchain.
Part of the Protocol is a Software Development KIT so that for the technical integration no blockchain development know-how is needed.

Ideal Business Partners

Companies that are looking for integrating KILT Protocol to enable decentralized and digital identities for their use cases. This can be private companies as well as government agencies. Software consulting companies that want to offer their customers the KILT protocol as a solution approach for identity use cases are also interesting cooperation partners.

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BOTLabs GmbH


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