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AeroDCS GmbH offers a range of high quality and operationally reliable high resolution remote sensing services and develops VTOL drones

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AeroDCS GmbH offers a range of high quality and operationally reliable high resolution remote sensing services. Our claim is the delivery of the highest quality data in reliable process chains. These include conducting missions to collect image data, evaluating and delivering results, testing new procedures, preparing expertise and studies for use, providing training to users, and distributing and leasing remote sensing aircrafts. For the execution of the flight missions, a range of carriers is available, starting from a gyroplane UAS over VTOL surface UAS, classic surface aircraft up to the Antares E2 with hydrogen-powered electric drive, which can be flown piloted or autonomous. One USP is the VTOL AirBarrow which can be operated with hydrogen fuel cells. The 6-8 h flight time, by a total takeoff weight of 25 kg, offers interesting options for mapping and surveillance.
We have experiences in Africa in mapping, surveying managing erosion, resource management, agriculture and forestry

Products & Services

Set up of workflows for different applications like surveying and mapping of larger areas, erosion control, resource management, precision farming and forestry, natural disaster management, surveillance and others. Thereby the whole process chain, from planning, acquiring spatial data with drones or manned aircraft, processing and analysing the data to information extraction/dissemination and finally triggering necessary action will set up, tested, evaluated and optimised.
Powerline and pipeline inspection for large areas.
Our VTOLS cover large areas in a high spatial precision. Next to mapping, the evaluation of the success of measures (e.g. Infrastructure projects) is possible.
A focus is training and capacity building measures in applying drones and data processing.
As well we sell and rent different UAS and VTOLS.-Especially the H2 long range AirBarrow and the Antares with 40 h operation time offer interesting options

References and export activities

We have projects in some countries in East- and Westafrica in collaboration with Ministries of Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Ministries of the Interior. Further on we collaborate in projects with developments agencies (e.g. GIZ). But we are as well asked for evaluate large infrastructure projects form ADB or KfW. But as well collaboration with remote sensing companies in the host countries have been initiated.

Target group

Institutions with a demand for precise geospatial data and information for larger areas (e.g. Ministry for agriculture and forestry, planning bureaus, national park management)
Large farms or production cooperatives
Institutions and organisations which want to transport goods with drones over larger distances.
Police and boarder control
Local companies which want to collaborate or set up joint ventures.

Competitive advantages

Long years experience in operating drones and setting up complete work flow in many countries in Africa for different applications. Competitive UAS with long range (VTOL AirBarrow with 6-8h flight time and the Antares with up to 40 h flight time)
Very strong geo-information background for setting up reliable process chains for large data sets. Sound scientific background combined with high engineer skills

Ideal Business Partners

Utilities – for setting up services to control power lines and pipelines
Natural resource management for erosion control
Ministry of Agriculture for precision farming and locust control
Production cooperatives
Development agencies for evaluation of the success of the measures
Police for surveillance of large areas and boarder controy
Local companies which want to collaborate or set up joint ventures
Rural cadastral

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aeroDCS GmbH


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Hans-Peter Thamm



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+49 (0)176 62642920


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MEK Äthiopien/Kenia 2022 Luftfahrt

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MEK Äthiopien/Kenia 2022 Luftfahrt