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Preventive fire protection: smoke & heat exhaust ventilation systems (actuators, control panels), textile systems (smoke and fire curtains)

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SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH with headquarters in Passau, Germany, offers actuators and control panels for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation for nearly 50 years. Since the very beginning in 1968, SIMON is developing as well as producing its components in Bavaria and has pioneered this technology. The wide range of products is the result of consistently pursuing intelligent solutions with regard to preventive fire protection. SIMON PROtec products fulfil the highest quality standards according to EN ISO 9001 since 1995 and are checked regulary by external testing institutes. At the moment about 60 employees and a annual turnover of more than 10 Mio€ continue to write SIMON’s success story.

Products & Services

Just as there are no limits in architecture, there are no limits in the supply of creative special solutions. SIMON offers a wide range of actuators and brackets for flexible use on all types of windows. Control panels (compact as well as modular) are acting as the central piece for monitoring, triggering (manual and automatic) and controlling the smoke ventilation in case of fire. For natural ventilation a selection of sensors is available in order to control the room’s ventilation and ensure the natural indoor climate. The use of wind and rain detectors for automatic closing of openings in the building protects from changeable weather conditions such as heavy rain or storms. In addition SIMON’s fitting technology (integrated & external) ensures safe locking of windows. Smoke and fire curtains are completing the portfolio in order to achieve an overall fire protection concept. Related detailed planning, CAD-services, installation and maintenance are also within the scope of supply.

References and export activities

With an export quota of nearly 75% SIMON’s sales & business activities cover more than 40 countries all over the world and resulting in being one of the leading global suppliers. SIMON products are certified according to EN, CCC, UKCA etc. and CE-marked.

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Fire protection planner, architects, reseller for fire safety accessories, auhorities, planning offices etc.

Competitive advantages

Highlight of SIMON’s product portfolio is the folding arm actuator which is absolutely unique in technology as well as visual appereance and suitable for many applications in which competing products can’t keep up.

Ideal Business Partners

Safety is a global task. Due to a continuously growing network of partners and customers our products can be found on every continent. The everytime-goal is to achieve an expansion of this network by finding appropriate business partners. Especially in this business the definition of “ideal” can not be described in general and must be verified via specific matchings which need to be evaluated first.

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SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH


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