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Producer of disinfectant products for surface disinfection, instrument disinfection, skin protection, skin care, hand disinfection.

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As family-owned enterprise we have been since 1900 operating successfully in the field of health protection for 120 years.
Our cosmetics, detergents, disinfectants and drugs convince due to etheir quality and are applied in medical facilities all over the world.
An own research & development laboratory as well as a microbiological lab ensure new product developments and product optimization.
Our preperations are manufactured at our facility in Berlin/ Germany. Within Germany the products are brought to market by our sales force an the one hand and by wholesalers on the other hand.
The global export business is primarily handled by partners locally in the particular country and secondarily by direct delivery from us to the customer. Some of our partners(let) manufacture our products according to our formulas.
We manufacture according to the European laws for drugs, medical devices and cosmetics.

Products & Services

Our product range can be divided into the following segments:

Cosmetics for hand and skin cleaning, care and regeneration:
Lupphenil, Majola-H5-cream

Disinfectants for hands, skin, surfaces and instruments:
AHD 2000, Almyrol, Fugaten, Lysoformin rapid + Lysoform rapid wipes

Detergents for surfaces, floors, baths and kitchens:
Blanisol alcohol cleaner

Target group

Our products are intended for nursing homes/long-term care facilities, hospitals and not least for medical practices.

We ideally distribute our products through local partner as follows: We sell directly to zhe users, e. g. old age pensioners┬┤s homes or we supply our partners with the preperations. They sell them to their own customers.

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Lysoform Dr. Hans Rosemann GmbH


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 133

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Matthias K├Âtter



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+49 17612010400


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