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Ethris is redifining mRNA medicine through its proprietary and best-in-industry stability, delivery and nebulization technology

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Ethris has created a new path from genes to therapeutic
proteins using its proprietary, non-immunogenic
messenger RNA (mRNA) and lipidoid nanoparticle
(LNP) technology plattforms to discover, design and
develop innovative therapies and vaccines.

As an mRNA pioneer for more than a decade, our
technologies enable the delivery of highly potent
mRNA-based drug products directly to the upper and
lower respiratory tract and via intra-muscular injection.
Ethris’ differentiated plattforms produce drug candidates
with superior thermostability, resistance to mechanical
manipulation and are nebulizable at high throughput,
without change in biophysical properties or potency.

We are developing our first-in-class, virus-agnostic,
anti-viral treatment for COVID-19, influenza, and viral
asthma exacerbations while advancing our pipeline
of immunomodulation and mRNA-based protein
replacement therapies and vaccines with the ul􀆟mate
goal of improving patients’ lives.

Products & Services

Ethris pipeline focuses on respiratory rare diseases:
• Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (ETH42) CTA Q4/2023
• Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis (ETH45)
• Viral asthma exacerbations (ETH47) CTA Q2/2023
• Vacccines (intramuscular and nasal)

Ethris is interested in collaborations for licensing of its
technology platform, co-development of new mRNA
vaccines and therapeutics, and licensing partners for
future commercialization of existing pipeline programs.

Ethris is also interested in strategic and financial investors
for further development of the company’s pipeline

References and export activities

Collaborations with high profile industry and academic
• Cepi grant in collaboration with DioSynVax
• Strategic investment by Cipla
• Partner in various national research consortia funded
by the German and Bavarian government
• Partner in various international research consortia
funded by the European Union

Target group

– Pharma & Biotech companies interested in licensing mRNA technology
– Partners for development of clinical assets in the mRNA space
– CDMOs interested in mRNA manufacturing technology
– Pharma, Biotech and academic partners for leveraging Ethris delivery platform in other areas e.g., gene therapy
– Pharma & Biotech investors

Competitive advantages

– Fully proprietary technology for mRNA and LNPs
– Stabilizing formulation
– Proprietary manfucaturing process
– Nebulization of mRNA without LNP aggregation

Ideal Business Partners

Pharma and Biotech companies looking to enter the mRNA space for therapeutics and vaccines

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Ethris GmbH


Semmelweisstrasse 3

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Philipp Schreppel


Project Manager Business Development

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