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Joint venture of German plant builder SMS Group (for metallurgical plants, 13.000 employees) and Australian Neometals (Project Developer).
Synergies of own daily operation with plant builder design is insured in this way, with continuous development of this new technology.
Highest HSE requirements to equipment and operation, as references are located in Germany.
Accordingly, with commercial operation of own recycling plant, also the required knowhow of the existing ecosystem need to the recycling business profitable is part of the scope.

Products & Services

Standard portfolio of recycling plants of diverse battery throughput (from 750 to 4000 kg/h), as well as customized sizes and layouts.
Plants are split in two process stages, both individually operational:
(1.) shredding and beneficiation, converting batteries to black mass and sorted by-products of batteries
(2.) Hydrometallurgy, converting black mass in the precious metals lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese.
Furthermore offering wide services to complete lifecycle of plant, as well as knowhow for the recycling ecosystem, like: procurement of batteries, sales of products, logistics of hazardous goods like critical batteries black mass and other by-products, environmental support for permission with legal aspects for installation and operation.

References and export activities

References of plants: Mercedes Benz / Kuppenheim and Primobius / Hilchenbach, both Germany.
References of own operations: Primobius Hilchenbach with according ecosystem-knowhow

Target group

Recycler being in or wanting to enter Li-battery recycling market. Newcomer could be companies being familiar with hydro- or pyrometallurgical experience in similar precious metal market, or being already in the car recycling business.
For our recycling operation in Germany: Battery suppliers and purchasers / trader of black mass, as well as recycler of by-products of batteries, like: aluminum casings, copper cables, WEEE.

Competitive advantages

Wet shredding, preventing the black mass dust exposing to air. As black mass substances are dangerous to HSE, a signficant advantage is gained in permission, processing and simple operation of Li-batteries recycling. As Primobius runs also its recycling facility on a commercial scale, significant synergies in designing new plants are insured: build reliable equipment and deliver all relevant operational know-how with it.

Ideal Business Partners

See target group, plus mechanical, process, electrical and automation suppliers to support our plant building business

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