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Specialized in advanced fastening and forming technology with a wide range of innovative fastening elements

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EJOT is a medium-sized and family-run group of companies spread over five continents. Over 3,700 employees are working in 34 countries to provide high quality of fastening solutions and services to our customers. EJOT was founded in Germany in 1922 and is providing since 100 years innovative fastening solutions and products for clients in industry and construction business. The EJOT Marketing Unit Industry supplies, beside the automotive industry, products for consumer electronics and housewares. The main part of the 617 million EURO turn-over is made in Europe, Asia, and America. Production plants all over the world producing over 36,000 different products. Sustainability is not only a word for us, we’re living it

Products & Services

The Market Unit Industry offers a wide range of innovative fastening elements, above all self-tapping screws for metals and plastic materials, multifunctional cold-formed components, individual assembly groups made of metal and synthetic materials, technical plastic parts as well as special fastening solutions. EJOWELD is a unique and innovative joining system to bring lightweight materials and high-strength steels together. EJOT APPLITEC (derived from application and technology) is a global service network and provides solutions and support for our clients. Qualified application engineers working closely with engineering designers and managers to provide them with the highest level of technical support. The aim is to achieve a solution that can reduce assembly components, increases strength of join with greater cost-efficiency or find individual solutions for client’s application.

References and export activities

Global operating car makers like Audi, Porsche, JLR, Hyundai, Stellantis, Ford and others using products of EJOT market unit Industry. But also, fastenings systems and elements for buildings are used in many countries of the world. So, we try to provide our products from local to local by one of our 31 branches worldwide. That results in an export of over 70%.

Target group

All customers in automotive or non-automotive industry as well as construction who need high quality and individual fastenings and joining solutions. OEM as well as Tier’s, trading companies and distributors are welcome.

Competitive advantages

We don’t sell only screws; we sell fastening solutions. Together with clients and partners, we develop individual joining solutions from the initial contact over the serial production in one of our global production sites to a full service. We are creating a global network of knowledge and experiences, where our customers can benefit from.

Ideal Business Partners

We are open to all business partners and looking forward to a close cooperation basing on a partnership. We are offering high-quality, innovation and sustainability, and we want to work with our potential partners on this base. To involve EJOT in an early stage of development will bring the most effective support for our partners.

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Im Herrengarten 1

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Bad Berleburg



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Dr. Markus Duchardt


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+49 160 9708 6328


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GAB USA 2022 E-Mobility, VP Korea (Rep.) 2021-23 Leichtbau

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VP Korea (Rep.) 2021-23 Leichtbau
GAB USA 2022 E-Mobility