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Solution provider for the recovery of resources from industrial hazardous waste and contaminated soil

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econ industries provides the most efficient and cleanest solutions to recover resources from hazardous industrial wastes and contaminated soil. Based on 20 years of experience and more than 30 industrial waste recycling plants, econ’s aim is to avoid the elimination of waste through incineration and landfilling. The goal is to achieve resource-conserving material recycling instead. In our plants we primarily use our VacuDry® technology, in which harmful substances (e.g. hydrocarbons, mercury) are separated under heat and vacuum in a fully encapsulated system. Particularly when it comes to energy efficiency, low carbon emissions and resource recovery rates, this method is far superior to other thermal desorption techniques and is accepted as state-of-the-art by approval authorities worldwide.


Products & Services

econ industries is a service-oriented technology provider. Our technical leadership is based on a highly skilled, energetic team of engineers. Special waste processing requires highly technical and individualized approaches. econ offers outstanding technical solutions while making sure these solutions are profitable when applied to the real-world. Our products and services range from pilot testing and feasibility studies, to designing, engineering and the manufacturing of recycling plants, followed by the delivery, commissioning and maintenance.

Our main product is a vacuum distillation technology called VacuDry®. Typical applications are: Treatment of contaminated soils, mercury recovery, drill cuttings treatment, recycling of grinding swarf & sludges from metal processing, NORM and TENORM waste treatment as well as the treatment of refinery waste and oil lagoon sludges.

References and export activities

Selected references:

2021: VacuDry® 12 000 & VacuDry 3 000 – Brunei (removal of mercury and hydrocarbons)
2021: VacuDry® 3 000 – India (removal of mercury from contaminated soil)
2016: VacuDry® 12 000 x 4  – Azerbaijan (drilling oil recovery)

Target group

Waste generators
Waste management companies
Environmental authorities
Waste management consultants

Competitive advantages

Low energy consumption
Low emissions (vacuum thermal separation instead of incineration)
Recovery of the contained resources (e.g. oil, mercury)
High availability of > 7000 h/a
Versatility regarding the input materials

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econ industries services GmbH


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Michaela Zeuss


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+49 8151 446 377 0


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