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Mechanical separation technology and separation solutions.

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Flottweg is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges. The company, headquartered in Vilsbiburg, achieves an annual turnover of about 293 million Euros (2023) with an export rate of more than 80 %. Flottweg employs over 1,200 people worldwide. About 950 employees work at the company headquarters in Germany. This includes roughly 60 trainees and interns.
Flottweg has own subsidiaries and branch offices with service centers in the US, in People’s Republic of China, Italy, Poland, France, Australia, Mexico and Thailand. Concentration on customer requirements, keen sense on how markets will develop, and the ability to come up with creative solutions have helped to make Flottweg one of the world’s leading producers of centrifuges for separation technology. In order to secure the market position for the future, Flottweg will continue to upgrade its technology, provide the highest quality products and provide 24-hour aftermarket service.

Products & Services

The machines:
Flottweg Decanter: Hygienic, inertable (Atex) and wear-protected according to the application.
Flottweg Sedicanter®: The ideal connection of disc stack centrifuges and decanters, for highest separation and yields.
Flottweg Tricanter®: Continuous threephase separation in one step, economic and efficient.
Flottweg Sorticanter®: Unique decanter for continuous separation of plastics.
Flottweg belt presses: Continuous pressing of mashes and dewatering of solids – high yields and high cake dryness, low operating costs.
Flottweg Separator: Clarifiers (2-phase separation), separate the finest solid particles from a liquid. As purification separators (3-phase separators), they separate liquid phases of different densities and simultaneously remove solids.
Flottweg Nozzle Separator: For continuous separation of solids from liquids in the starch industry, but also in many other applications that require maximum clarification or separation with high solids volumes.

References and export activities

Flottweg’s export share is more than 80% and well-known companies, groups, and institutions all over the world use Flottweg Separation Technology. For many years, Flottweg supported customers in many applications and works daily to make them even more successful.

Target group

For many processes, mechanical separation is of crucial importance to the quality of the end products, the economic efficiency and environmental compatibility of the process. Mechanical separation processes are found in practically all industrial sectors, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, mining, environmental protection and waste water solutions.

Competitive advantages

Hand in hand with the customers, Flottweg is always prepared to meet new challenges and develop goal-oriented solutions. The ultimate goal is always clear: the success of the customers.

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The company now has 12 subsidiaries and 50 sales offices in over 100 countries worldwide. This guarantees optimum support and service worldwide. Business partners must adhere to the Flottweg guidelines in order to ensure the continuity and further development of Flottwegs reputation as a trustworthy business partner and reliable employer.

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