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Manufacture and brands for high-quality, certified natural and organic cosmetics from Germany.

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The foundation of cosmondial GmbH und Co. KG. in 2008 was a real affair of the heart for us. Our goal: to make the world a little bit better with high-quality, yet affordable natural and organic cosmetics.
benecos was presented for the first time at VIVANESS 2010. In the same year, this led to the first contractual relationships with foreign countries (France) and a steady growth within the dedicated distribution channel, the organic specialist trade, began. After only 6 years, benecos became the market leader there in the segment for decorative natural cosmetics for the first time. Shortly thereafter, our brand also took over sales market leadership within this distribution channel in France.
In 2018, we decided to expand the natural and organic cosmetics range: in 2019, we launched a new second brand: GRN [GREEN], which offers organic cosmetics for various skin and hair needs.
Since spring 2023, we have started the production of our products at our site in Sulzbach a. M., Germany.

Products & Services

Cosmondial features a wide range of decorative as well as caring natural and organic cosmetics. The products are spread over the two brands benecos and GRN[GREEN], which have been operating on the market for natural and organic cosmetics for 13 and 4 years respectively. In addition, cosmondial offers the possibility of private and white label and has already been able to successfully implement numerous projects in this area. The product range includes in the field of decorative cosmetics the product categories nails, lips, eyes, complexion and make up. The range includes various types of lipsticks, lip liners and lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, BB cream eyeliner pencils, foundation, blush, bronzer, nail polishes and nail care products, as well as other accessories. The range of skin care products includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, hand soap, hand cream, body oils, face oils, face creams and cleansing products.
All possible as Private Label as well.

References and export activities

Our main foreign markets are: France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Scandinavia, UK.

The brands are currently sold in a total of over 35 countries worldwide. The tendency is increasing. Among them are countries like Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA, Brazil and Morocco. We are currently negotiating with players in Vietnam and Japan, for example.

Target group

The range of the two brands benecos and GRN [GREEN] is very diverse. Therefore, different target groups can be addressed. On the one hand, the focus is on people who have a high environmental awareness and therefore want to consume natural and organic cosmetics. Due to the price level, the benecos brand in particular appeals to customers who are happy to buy natural and organic cosmetics, but at a very fair price.

Competitive advantages

Cosmondial is the best contact when it comes to decorative as well as care cosmetics. With an assortment of over 500 products, cosmondial provides a comprehensive range that covers almost all needs in body care and make up. By combining a fully comprehensive range of high-quality, certified natural and organic cosmetics at a price that everyone can afford, cosmondial and its brands have a major advantage over competitors.

Ideal Business Partners

Our target are POS, where consumers want to cover their daily needs – combined with the idea to find this there also in organic quality. Abroad, we usually reach these retail partners through a central distribution partner who takes responsibility for all local issues, whether it is ensuring compliance with specific regulatory frameworks of a country or knowing and taking into account their cultural specifics.

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cosmondial GmbH & Co. KG


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