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We are a leading full-service marketing agency specialized in gaming and gaming audiences working with international publishers and studio

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ComboStrike is a leading full-service marketing agency specialized in gaming and gaming audiences. Driven by our passion for games and marketing, we partner with international publishers and studios to deliver best-in-class marketing campaigns with an measurable impact on brand awareness and sales.

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With our holistic approach to games marketing, we offer support where it’s needed – be it developing a full-fledged strategy to launch your game or app into the market, running UA and performance media campaigns with data-driven insights from our BI department, raising brand awareness with brand advertising and influencer campaigns or creating bespoke assets and maybe even your whole branding with our creative unit.

And all of that for all major gaming markets, including North America, Europe, Australia, South Korea and China.

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Game publishers, game developers

Competitive advantages

– We are a leading full-service marketing agency specialized in games. And we have the ideas and data to prove it.
– With our international team based in Berlin and Shanghai, we execute in all major gaming markets including Europe, North America, South Korea and China.
– We enable you to track through the full funnel from banner view to Sales and ROI and optimize your campaign accordingly.

Ideal Business Partners

At ComboStrike, we play games. We work with games. We love games. And as gamers ourselves, we know what resonates with the gaming community. If you have a game that you love and want to see it in good hands, we are there for you – being your extended marketing team.

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ComboStrike GmbH


Heinrich-Heine-Str. 15

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Christian Szymanski




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GAB USA 2023 Gaming-Industrie

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GAB USA 2023 Gaming-Industrie



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