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SHAZAY is a professional and luxury haircare brand based on Diamond Filtered Water and is exclusively manufactured in Germany.

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SHAZAY is a professional and luxury haircare brand with a selected portfolio, exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany. Our products are based on diamond filtered water – a German patented technology. SHAZAY has an unique Ritual that expresses the core of our philosophy. We make your customers feel unique and immerse them in a world of luxurious pampering. The SHAZAY ritual leads to a deceleration, to a deep relaxation, which we all need in our hectic everyday life.
The SHAZAY ranges include products for a wide variety of hair textures: for coils, very dry and coarse hair, fine to medium hair, and men’s hair. In addition, there is a unisex styling line and salon-exclusive products.

Products & Services

Our range for South Africa includes e.g. for ladies Enriching Care Shampoo, Deeply Nourishing Conditioner, Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, Wholesome Care Masque. Likewise, we offer an exclusive portfolio for men such as Energizing Shampoo, Enhancing Conditioner, re-power tonic (anti-hairloss tonic for men). Our unisex styling products include Brilliant Shine Gel Wax, Original Mattifying Hair Paste or Elastic Hair Fiber. We also offer a unique salon-exclusive ritual.

References and export activities

SHAZAY is a young brand but has already partners in Europe (Austria, Netherlands, Portugal), South Asia (India) and Africa (Dubai, Saudi Arabia). As we have developed products for coarse and very dry hair we would like to find a partner also in South Africa.

Target group

Our target group (25- 60 years) usually has a stressful everyday life, attaches great importance to their appearance and wants to really relax in the short me-time.

Competitive advantages

SHAZAY is based on a patented German technology: the diamond filter. This filter purifies water in an unique way. Water is the basis of most hair cosmetics and so also of our products. This diamond-filtered water can transport significantly more cleansing and nourishing active ingredients to the hair and scalp than normal water. Furthermore, SHAZAY offers a luxurious ritual that includes six exclusive steps.

Ideal Business Partners

Optimally, our partner already distributes (hair) cosmetic products to salons, beauty salons, spas or hotels. Ideally, they serve the market online and offline. and have sales team and know the segment well.
If not all points apply to an interested party, we would still be very happy to meet, as there are also different sales channels and opportunities in each country. We are open for new ideas!

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Babiel Cosmetics GmbH


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