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ASP’s automation solutions are expertly crafted to boost efficiency in pre- and postanalytical processes within medical lab and hospitals.

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ASP Lab Automation AG is dedicated to advancing high-throughput automation for specimen tube handling in medical laboratories across the globe. Our mission is to provide robust, reliable, and user-friendly automation solutions that meet and exceed the evolving demands of medical laboratories worldwide.
Our highly skilled and passionate team of engineers and scientists specializing in robotics, optics, and informatics, is the cornerstone of our success, solidifying our status as the pioneering technology leader in our field. Our strategic approach includes a dedicated sales force in Central Europe complemented by robust distribution partnerships worldwide, allowing us to think and act with a global perspective.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and flexibility, ensuring that we continue to meet the needs of our clients with excellence and precision.

Products & Services

The backbone of all our activities is the ASP SortPro. This device registers all samples arriving in the laboratory, logs them into the LIS and sorts them for up to 14 destinations. It can process over 3,000 samples per hour and recognize further characteristics that are important for subsequent processing.
ASP Lab Automation AG offers additional automation devices and intralogistics solutions to cope with the large sample volumes in medical laboratories and to process urgent samples in everyday clinical practice with the lowest possible staffing levels.
All of these solutions can be used individually or in any combination, even in combination with existing third-party equipment. ASP follows the approach of single-touch-preanalytics, in which samples are transported fully automatically and accurately to the individual analysis stations upon arrival in the laboratory, without the need for further manual intervention.

References and export activities

ASP’s customers include the largest laboratory groups such as Sonic, Limbach and Synlab as well as large university hospitals in many countries. We cooperate with global players in the IVD industry on joint customer projects and supply them with high-tech assemblies. For Sumetzberger, the technology leader in pneumatic transport systems, we supply the central components for sample detection and distribution.

Target group

To be successful, we need to address decision makers in private labs of any size, global lab companies and hospitals, private and public, at the same time. Most of our contacts are doctors or business people with responsibility for the medical field, purchasing or management. But we must never forget the laboratory management, who are responsible for the daily routine and are involved in all decisions.

Competitive advantages

Only the devices from ASP examine each sample with a high-resolution optical detector, while other devices with barcode scanners and color measurement rely on old-fashioned detectors. This makes it possible to record numerous additional parameters and thus significantly increase the degree of automation. In addition, ASP’s devices work around twice as fast as the competition and treat the sample material particularly gently.

Ideal Business Partners

A seasoned company in laboratory automation and hospital technology, boasting comprehensive installation and service capabilities. The ideal candidate should have a strong presence across the entire territory and foster robust connections in both private and public laboratory sectors. Essential to this partnership are technicians with a solid IT foundation, encompassing programming skills.

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ASP Lab Automation AG


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Ricardo Castanho


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