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Manufacturer of waterproof, antibacterial and hypoallergenic mineral-based coatings for in- and outdoor use, ideal for aseptic environments.

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About 18 years ago, Power Colloid Idea developed a mineral coating. The goal was to develop a carbonation protection for monolithic structures.

Products & Services

We have two different coatings, depending on the requirement:

1-LPA (low pressure application):

With this type of product we spray the coating between 3 – 5 mm, it is suitable for the floor and this material can be sprayed, poured or troweled.
The 673 LPA mixture has the following properties:
– C50-F6 according to DIN EN 1015-11:2007-05.
– Depth of carbonation 0.00.
– XA3 according to DIN EN 206-1, DIN 1045-2, DIN EN 1992-1-1, DIN EN 12 390-3, E DIN EN 12 390-3, DAfstb guideline.
– XS3, XD3 according to DIN EN 206-1, DIN EN 1045-2, 12-2012 BAW.
– Adhesive tensile strength 2.9 N/mm² according to DIN 1542.
– Suitable for potable water to BS 6920: Part 2.6.2000, and ICP OES.

2-HPA (high pressure application):

Here we apply the coating with a thickness of 0.2 – 2.0 mm. This material is suitable for interior and exterior walls. It is applied using spray technology and it can be spatulated.
Mixtures 701, 701-9037 have the following properties:
– Fire behavior A1fl.
– Water absorption Wc0.
– Water vapor permeability:
* Upper hygroscopic range: μ ≤ 84.3
* Lower hygroscopic range: μ ≤ 161.7
– Depth of carbonation 97µm after 140 days.

References and export activities

1- In 2016-2017 we compensated for a lack of coverage on the ICE route VDE 8.1
Description of the problem: The missing overlap was up to 5 cm in some areas. The DB required 6 cm to ensure protection against carbonation over 60 years.
Our solution: This lack of coverage was compensated for with a layer thickness of 5 mm of 673 LPA (the depth of carbonation was 1.27 mm after 60 years of laboratory simulation MPVA Neuwied).

2- In 2018 we coated the verdigris soiled walls with a carbonation depth of 1.7 cm (after 5 years) of the parking deck in Bergisch-Gladbach with 701-9037 HPA. To this day, visitors can expect a clean and bright parking deck.

3- In 2020 we coated the floor of a sewage treatment plant with 673 LPA which cleaned the excretions of a pig farm. To date there have been no complaints.

Our material is used in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and India.

Target group

construction and real estate companies.
All companies and authorities that manufacture monolithic structures.

Competitive advantages

The material is mineral, i.e. no resins, no toxic or harmful ingredients and an extremely long service life. A layer with a thickness of 1.27 mm protects the surface against carbonation (CO2 entry) for 60 years.

Ideal Business Partners

Builders, civil engineers, architects and authorities

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Power Colloid GmbH


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Winfried Widua



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+49 (0)171 7700792


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