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Company with a focus on “Extended Producer Responsibility” specialised in packaging disposal audits and waste management consulting

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Company profile

Highly experienced and specialized team in the field of Extended Producer Responsibilty (take-back-systems) with public appointed auditors based in Germany. The focus lies on packaging-waste, plastic-recycling-plants. International activities in EUROPE and overseas, legal auditors in the German, French etc. market. Also active as auditors in the field of RecyClass ( ) and EUCertPlast ( Beside this the company uses its allover experience in these fields for organizational advisory in the (recycling-)industry, private- and public organization.

Products & Services

– legal audit according ยง 11 (German Packaging Law) –> Declaration of Completeness
– dto. in France and Luxemburg
– EUCertPlast-audits
– Masterdata-Management for external clients in packaging
– Consulting
– (only in Germany) legal advisory in the EPR-field as publci apponted and sworn experts
– RecyClass-audits (recycling-process & recycled-content)

References and export activities

– Guiding foreign clients into the EUROPEAN market
– legal audits in Germany for foreign companies (if necessary)
– Auditing Recycling-plants in the field of plastic-recovery according to the high-level schemes of RecyClass and EUCertPlast
– Tracing recylates through the value-chain, targeting the recycled-content in the final-product
– a lot of international experience in presence, e.g. GB, Malaysia, Indon., Hungary, Italy, .

Target group

– Producing industry with an impact on EPR
– Recycling-Industry, mainly in the field of plastic
– Trading-Companies, Wholesalers
– private an public organizations, take-back-systems (collecting and recycling)

Competitive advantages

– experience out of 3.000 business-cases
– highly motivated team
– stable networks around our business-fields

Ideal Business Partners

Eyeryone who is interested, open-minded, focussed and fair

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