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Graetz is one of the pioneers of radiation measurement technology and offers measuring instruments for radiation protection worldwide.

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Since 1949, GRAETZ has been developing and producing innovative Radiation measurement devices with high precision and reliability. Our mission has remained the same since then: We give people a “technical sense organ” for protection against dangerous ionizing radiation. All life on Earth is exposed to the effects of ionizing radiation. This radiation comes to us from outer space or it originates from natural radioactive substances in our environment. Technical development has also made it possible to produce radioactive substances artificially or to generate ionizing radiation directly. There are a multitude of beneficial applications for this today. Technology and medicine can no longer do without them. Whether radiation is applied directly or whether it occurs as an undesirable side effect, as in the use of nuclear energy, it is necessary in any case to protect people and the environment from harmful radiation exposure.

Products & Services

A heightened sense of environmental awareness and responsibility, as well as increased safety awareness, are prevalent when dealing with nuclear facilities. Wherever work is carried out with radioactive sources or ionizing radiation is to be detected and measured, measuring instruments are used for personal or stationary radiation protection. Since almost 75 years GRAETZ has been developing, producing and distributing portable as well as stationary warning and measuring devices for the detection and measurement of ionizing alpha, beta, gamma- and neutron radiation from radioactive sources and X-ray tubes. High reliability, field-proven robustness, easy and safe handling of our instruments as well as high quality standards in our production have made us a leading manufacturer in radiation protection measurement technology worldwide.

References and export activities

The Hamburg Fire Brigade, the Regensburg State Fire Brigade School, the Federal Office for Internal Security and the Federal Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Germany represent just a selection of major projects in the last 5 years.
Internationally, we sell the equipment worldwide through distribution partners who are more familiar than we are with the language, mentality and special conditions of the local market.

Target group

Since 1949 GRAETZ has stood for “Made in Germany” with outstanding competence in radiation protection and supplies quality products in the following areas and applications:
Fire brigades / Civil defence / Disaster control / Military
Customs / Police
Non-destructive material testing (NDT)
Nuclear medicine
Industry (e.g. process measurement technology)
Research (e.g. pharmaceutical industry)
Nuclear technology (power plant)

Competitive advantages

Our innovative strength and our consistent understanding of quality have been confirmed by various type certifications from the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). Thus, we also offer devices that are officially calibratable. With the RadXplore-ident, we have a highly efficient radionuclide identification device (RID) in our portfolio.

Ideal Business Partners

Our ideal distribution partner has experience in the field of radiation measuring technology or at least a technical understanding, distributes measuring devices for personal protection and has a customer base in the fields of fire brigades, disaster control, non-destructive material testing, nuclear medicine or authorities dealing with security (military, customs, police).

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GRAETZ Strahlungsmesstechnik GmbH


Westiger Str. 172

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Christian Stein


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+49 151 15056491


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GAB Griechenland 2024 Zivile Sicherheitstechnologien

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GAB Griechenland 2024 Zivile Sicherheitstechnologien



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