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Specialized in the production of reliable tyre emergency running systems for a wide range of wheel sizes and vehicles.

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We are a small German medium-sized company with approx. 20 employees, active in the plastics industry. Of course, we are certified as a company according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.For many years, we have been producing mainly emergency tyre running systems and beadlock rings for the wheels of protected vehicles in a high quality. We are the only manufacturer in Germany for this type of product. The products are distributed worldwide.

Products & Services

Tyre runflat systems made of elastomer-modified cast polyamide (nylon) and beadlock rings made of a synthetic elastomer. These products are dimensioned for wheel sizes from 14″ to 27″ with a wide range of requirement specifications and are manufactured in Germany.

The products can be mounted by the customer or by us. Complete wheels can also be supplied on request.

References and export activities

Sales mainly in Europe and the Middle East.

In Asia, customers in Singapore and Hongkong.

To date, sales in 12 international countries with a wide range of end customers.

Target group

The customer target group are manufacturers of protected vehicles or their customers in the police and military.The ideal local partner would be a service provider who already has contact to the aforementioned target group due to his previous activities and who would buy and resell our product exclusively for Malaysia. This could be a dealer who would then also take care of the installation of our systems or, for example, a tyre installation company.

Competitive advantages

The material used is resistant to ageing and highly resilient, which in turn allows the products to be built lighter than those from the competition. They have a high fitting accuracy to the respective rim profile. A large number of tests have been carried out, which means that a great deal of know-how is available regarding the application of such parts.

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Europlast-Nycast GmbH


Industriestr. 47

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Michael Orth


Runflat – Management

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