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Manufacturer of ion beam sputtering systems for high quality optical coatings.

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Cutting Edge Coatings has been founded in 2007 in Hannover, Germany and develops customized coating machines using the process of ion beam sputtering (IBS). This process delivers very high quality optical thin films that are used in laser applications and other areas where very demanding specifications for optical filters must be met.

A unique feature of CECs coating systems is the ability to produce thin films of mixed materials and so called Rugate filters with a continuous variation of the refractive index. Because of the focusing on this high tech niche market, activities and customers are spread around the world (Asia, Europe, USA). More than 75% of our products are exported. We would be happy to discuss the technical details and the feasibility of your request for optical filters.

Products & Services

Cutting Edge Coatings produces ion beam sputtering coating systems for research and industry.

Uniform coating areas with a diameter of up to 2x 600mm are available for IBS coatings of large substrates.

ln-house production of ion sources and grid systems (Titanium).

AII systems are fully automated and use a broadband optical monitoring system to controI the growing process of the optical thin film.

Process development and coating design optimization is delivered together with the coating system to realize a successful production of optical coatings.

Special options such as assist ion source, heaters or load-lock are available.

References and export activities

More than 40 customer projects around the world with an export rate of >75%.

Target group

lnstitutes and companies in the field of the optical thin film technology that already operate other coating systems (maybe using different coating processes) or that want to establish an own production for optical coatings.

Competitive advantages

long experience with ion beam sputtering system
high flexibility to realize customized systems for special needs
large uniform coating areas
ability to produce thin films with mixed materials or so called Rugate filters with outstanding optical properties

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Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH


Hollerithallee 18

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Stefan Schrameyer


Dipl.-Phys., Authorized Representative

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+49 511 475930 11


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