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Consultant for German organizations as well as organizations from all over the world.

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The Company conducts in-house seminars and web-based courses on all topics related to vocational training and cooperation in the company and I convey complex matters so that participants can incorporate what they learn into their work from the very first day.

Products & Services

The company offers seminars and workshops based on action-oriented methods and teaching techniques such as group work and simulations. The seminars can be held either on your company premises or at an external seminar venue, as a live online seminar or a combination of the two. In addition, further services are advising businesses in order to create and plan their own learning management systems and the access to the COLCONS Academy, which enables learners to continue learning independently.

References and export activities

COLCONS operates in Germany and worldwide, in particular in India, Indonesia, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Russia, South Africa, USA and Vietnam.

Target group

Learners who work in German companies and organizations as well as in organizations all around the world.

Competitive advantages

The teaching method adopted by the company is based on Made in Germany quality, and in particular on the Dual Vocational Education and Training method, known not only in Germany but worldwide. It is indeed recognised that combining teaching theory in vocational schools and its immediate application in the workplace leads to faster and more sustainable results than any university lecture hall ever could.

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Training providers and companies from any industry that need to train their trainers.

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COLCONS by Dr. Daniel Büttner

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Daniel Büttner

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+49 (0) 3089376083


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