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Creator of a nasal clip that serves as a mini-inhaler for essential oils as well as a device for breathing analysis.

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We are committed to open up new routes of therapy and diagnostics to improve people’s well-being. Millions of Germans trust our patented aspUraclip MINI-INHALER filled with essential oils. We also proved the effectiveness of the nose clip as micro diagnostics device for detecting viral or bacterial pathogens. We own the full production process and supply chain. Our production facilities ensure results of best quality and provide full flexibility. Our breakthrough on the German market came in 2018 with a mega deal on the TV start-up show Die Höhle der Löwen. Here, our founders Wolfgang Kleiner and Vinh-Nghi Tiet secured a million euro investment, promoted our medical device to a broad audience in Germany. Since then, more than 3 million nose clips are sold, which corresponds to a market turnover of approximately € 15 million. We are now driving our international expansion and aim to open up new fields of application for the device.

Products & Services

Today the aspUraclip MINI-INHALER is a popular medical device for well-being. The patented nose clip contains essential oils, is applicable hands free and can be used everywhere – at home and on the road. The Mini-Inhaler brings the essential oils of highest organic quality directly into the nose. Here, they develop their comforting effects most effectively. The aspUraclip MINI-INHALER is Made in Germany. In addition, we are working on the application of the nose clip into a micro-diagnostics device. Together with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, we were able to prove that our nose clip can be used to detect viruses and bacteria in the breath air; patent pending. The next step is to make the concept ready for series production and to bring it to the market.

References and export activities

Immediately after the deal on the TV founders show “Die Höhle der Löwen,” the TV shopping channel QVC sold out of the day’s stock within 30 minutes. The BILD newspaper ran the headline: “Super noses paralyze QVC”. In Switzerland, Botanista distributes the aspUraclips as a white label. For further international expansion, we have registered or applied for patents, technical protection rights and trademark rights for all important international markets.

Target group

The target group of the aspUraclip MINI-INHALER are people who are looking for natural solutions to increase their well-being. Our essential oil blends are currently optimized for people suffering from colds, stress, sleep problems, headaches and lack of strength. The target audience for the clip in the field of diagnostics are private customers as well as institutional users such as doctors and hospitals.

Competitive advantages

The aspUraclip MINI-INHALER has opened up an entirely new field of application. It greatly simplifies aromatherapeutic applications and even enables “aromatherapy TO GO”. The product quality of the clips and oils is unmatched. In addition to essential oils, the machines can also fill other liquids with high precision, allowing a wide range of applications. The clip can also be used to collect breath samples for the detection of viruses and bacteria. This represents a unique, particularly gentle and stress-free approach in diagnostics. We have established our own production facility in Germany with custom made machinery, which is fully owned by our company and complies with GMP standards.

Ideal Business Partners

We are looking for a strategic partner with competencies in R&D, regulatory, marketing and sales in an international environment. We want to transfer the existing assets into an environment where the product is successfully further developed in the markets. Our ideal partner is a manufacturer of medical devices and / or pharmaceuticals with strong roots in the OTC business or orientation towards consumer goods-related segments of the pharmaceutical / medical device market. It should be solidly positioned on a European / international level with regard to R&D, regulatory and production as well as brand management and distribution. The company should be diversified enough to play a strong role in the diagnostics market, so that it can lead the concept of applying the nose clip for the diagnostics of breath samples to market maturity and exploit it commercially.

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