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Manufacturer and reseller of high quality multi-faceted product for beauty and heath.

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Estatira GmbH was founded in 2015 in Mulheim, Germany and manufactures its own range of essential cosmetic and healthcare products with the philosophy that Beauty and Health are closely associated.

Controlled manufacturing processes are in measure to enable products with high concentration of natural ingredients.

Products are composed with attention to detail and an eye on touch, smell and permanence to market with sole significance in making a real difference to beloved clients.

Products & Services

Our brands:

NOP: Skincare consisting of highly effective anti-ageing products, enriched with black orchid extract. Innovative formulation is perfect for countering the ageing process and giving a sense of youthfulness. Line includes a multi-lift anti-age cream, hydra concentrate serum, anti-age eye cream and collagen drinks.

FITMIXX: Beauty Vitamins and Nutrients to preserve body health and strengthen the immune system. Line includes Hair Vitamin gummy Bears, Hair Serum Argan Oil, Men’s Vitamin Gummy Bears and Calcium +D3 Gummies. Kids Multivitamin Fruit Gummies and Omega 3 for kids. FITMIXX supports both inner beauty and outer beauty.

MILINA: Makeup product line that enables brilliant matte finish, has intense radiant colours, great coverage, is comfortable to wear and most importantly gives long lasting results. Milina makeup is made up of carefully formulated fluid which keeps lips smooth throughout the day. This line is complemented by foundation and eye makeup.

References and export activities

Well established in the Far East, most notably in China with an export rate of >75%.
Amazon Europe will begin distribution of our products in Q4, 2022.

Target group

Like minded companies in the field of distribution that already operate a well-organized supply chain across e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical and leisure businesses.

Competitive advantages

We offer our customers the guarantee of certified and high-quality products, tests and continuous research to provide the best natural ingredients.

The high product quality is guaranteed by the careful selection of raw materials and permanent analysis of the starting and end products.

Our formulations are results orientated, results in synergistic formulation that deliver optimum results for the human body.

Ideal Business Partners

In Vietnam we are looking for potential end-users which might be:

– Companies working in distribution channels
– Companies that well informed on European products and establishing them in marketplace
– Companies planning to establish a long-standing partnership with the mutual value of improving both Beauty and Health of

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Estatira Organic GmbH


Hans-Böckler-Platz 1

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Mülheim an der Ruhr



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+49 117637380538


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